Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sick Day ...

So today I called off work .. yup I NEVER do that! BUT I did .. Dr. said I have strep and not too keen on sharing that bug with work people :)! BUT I did feel better today then yesterday so I spent much of it sorting/organizing/filling albums! GO me! All of my families albums are now caught up and in order (at least with the pics I've scrapped - still have plenty to go). Usually when I do layouts I stack them on a shelf in my closet and they sit there till I get a good stack (100 or so) then I sort them and put them in albums. WELL I had lots more than 100 in that stack and many of my albums had pages tucked in where they were supposed to be, but not actually in page protectors. Not something I usually do, so today I fixed all that! After all that was said and done, and it took most of the day with many Tyler breaks, I scrapped a little. Now I'm up to 400 pages for the year and over 1400 pics. WHOOHOO !! I'm really excited about that. All my scrapping today was done using premade kits from swaps I was in the last year or two. So thank you ladies for helping me fill my books and make my pages look awesome!

Here they are ...

swap pieces made by me for a toddler page kit swap on IASST

again swap pieces made by those from IASST, I made the deco squares for this swap, this will also fulfill my handmade requirement for an ACOT challenge :)

these were leftovers from a swap also done on IASST, but no real swap pieces on this page .. just leftover everything :) 

premade page kit made on swapsthatwork yahoo group owned by Lisa L. .. so happy to finally find pics for this page :) 

swap pieces were from IASST again and I made the journal box on this swap 

swap pieces from IASST and I made the journal box again, this will satisfy the 12  paper challenge on ACOT

and last but not least, a paper piecing from IASST and leftover papers and embellies from the swap as well 


  1. Glad you're feeling better! And Congrats on getting so much accomplished! Love looking at your pages! Great job putting it all together!

    1. thanks Kim !! I do feel better but I'm tempted to call off more to scrap! LOL .. if only!