Monday, September 30, 2013

last of the layouts for September !

I really needed to scrap this month and thanks to Kathy on Friends that Scrap keeping us motivated I got a lot .. I mean A LOT accomplished :D! So here they are ...
I used a bunch of elements on these pages from leftover stickers and borders to IASST swap pieces from Basic Grey lines .. love the bright colors. This was my daughter's 21st bday. I really should have taken after photo's, but I'm a good mommy ;)! 

Yeah look at those last few photo's .. someone definitely had fun! 

Thank u Lisa for a great layout .. I had to refind the pictures for it but this was exactly what I wanted for them! 

Fun pics of my baby boy and pieces from IASST swaps :).

I hosted a tag title swap and I love how they all came out. I can't wait to use them all! Thanks ladies of IASST for making my pages look great! 

close up of the title. 

simple page using some cricut cuts I had leftover :).

more cricut cuts I love ! 

final page with lots of leftover pieces that went together well! 

Another simple layout design that came to life with the colors and especially the title! This tag title was from Lisa's group Swaps that Work, and it was probably made a year or more ago! Love them! 

close up again of title! 

more pool pics of my little fishy! Leftover pieces from a page kit I had bought. 

Swap pieces from IASST. 

These next few were for FTS Back to School challenges - This was my 20th Cent Heritage Layout. Pics of my daughter in 1998 at her 8th bday party! Man she's old .. but I'm not ;)!!! 

My Geography layout, we had to use a map. This was an easy one as I had a map from our last trip to Pitts. Zoo, Tyler was our tour guide! 

 My Home Ec Class - Fabric, Twine, Ribbon and Stick pins were used! 

 My math layout, I've had this page kit for a year or so and so happy to use it! Thanks also to Tara for the great title! 

My PE layout. These were pics of my daughter's 2009 summer softball league. 

And last but not least, yes a totally goofy pic of ME .. yuk! LOL. But it went well with the idea I had for American Lit LO - I used fun colors that I associate with Dr. Seuss and titled it after one of his books "Are you my mommy?".

Thanks for stopping in! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Knockin' em out!

Well I didn't do a whole lot, but it was a lot for a 6 day work week. I also kept up with my household chores too so I'm quite proud at finishing these next few on top of all the "stuff" I had to do last week. My dh is off work tonight and tomorrow so I hope to get a few more pages and challenges done!
This was my challenge for FTS - Chemistry Class. Using mists and various chipboard shapes to create my own background. LOTS OF FUN !!! I can't wait to try this again! 

Yup same pic but for ds' album. This was a sketch challenge for ACOT #50. 

Just some fun layouts of my son washing his big sisters car. One layout for his books and ... 

one layout for hers. 

Pieces here are from an IASST swap. I have used these so many times I just love them! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Still scrapping!

I have not scrapped on a regular basis at all this year so doing it a few days in a row is a great achievement for me! Here are some layouts I did for some challenges and just because last night .. I hope to stay on the roll all week and for the rest of the year, but I'm not going to commit to any set number as I feel that is really taking away my fun in it all. Thanks again for stopping in to check out my layouts!
This page was made using parts from an IASST swap. I did hm the Boy and Frog deco squares. 

This layout was for the Back to School Challenge on FTS - Woodshop! I had to use a wood grained background and as many wood pieces as I could to go with. I really like how it turned out. 

Pics from my son at preschool, of course he is not yet in preschool but his babysitter didn't mind taking his pic with the 30 other kids she did as well! 

Another layout from the IASST swap leftovers.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Getting them done .. one page at a time :) !

Over the last several days I've been trying to whip out some pages .. no challenges, no real contest just wanting to complete pages :) .. thanks to someone on my group Concetta I believe for this premade kit .. All I had to do was add photo's and it's done! 

Just some left over odds and ends from my stash to create this page of Tyler shaving with Dad. No worries it wasn't a real razor, but he didn't' notice ;)! 

I have so many premade titles and cricut cuts and they sit on my desk every time I scrap so I can use them up. Here I got to use a supercute title made from an IASST swap and penguin hmbm. 

Two quick pages made for my dd and ds albums of them together his first Christmas. These were both pieces from IASST swaps and some added items to complete them. 

Using up more swaps from IASST and a tree I received from another swap. Reindeer was hmbm and so was the title. Love using up my stash ! 

And the back page to the last layout. Tyler never seems to get the idea of smiling for that perfect family photo. But he really wanted a kiss on camera! 

Yes I'm way behind on scrapping Christmas', this is from 2010. We had a blast watching Tyler enjoy all the fun things of Christmas. Especially his bell he kept hanging up and taking off the tree. Pieces of this were from a swap on IASST and the title was HMBM. 

Back pages of the same layout above and more pieces from IASST swaps. 

These next few pages are again pieces from IASST swaps and leftovers from various swaps I've been in on several groups. Yes photo's are the same on some of the pages because some pages are for my album and some are for my ds' albums. 

That's it for now ! Thanks so much for stopping and looking! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

May - June - July .. where did they Go?

Yes I've been MIA .. not literally though just reaaaaaaaaaally busy. Time to update a little though. Here are a few layouts I've done since my last posting. Hoping to accomplish more now that work has settled down a bit and swapping has let up as well. Leave a little love if you have time I've missed sharing my work and getting some feedback!!