Friday, April 22, 2011

5 lo's today!

this is an awesome thing considering i cleaned my house, went grocery shopping, colored my hair, made breakfast, and dinner for my whole family AND took care of an 18 month old .. who up until the last hour really has been an angel! so here are my projects .. pics aren't the best but they still show what i did lol.... i also made a quick easter card for my daughter :) she is getting a gift card instead of a basket this year .. mom is behind on that stuff!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

done for the night :)

Last two for the night .. not bad for a week night 3 layouts complete! These are all thanks to recent pifs and leftovers from my stash. I also did buy a few border sticker packs and sticker titles all geared towards boys .. but they were on sale at a great price so I couldn't pass them up!

thanks for looking and good night :) !

and a Lay Out :) !

of the little guy over a year ago!! already falling behind! time to get back to work .....

some Cards!!!

Gotta love cards .. quick easy and fun ! Here are a few I made for some family members for Easter and their Birthdays!