Friday, October 12, 2012

Sketch 22 @ & lots more!

So last weekend I finished up 59 TOTAL pages!! I'm excited about that number! It didn't stop with the weekend though .. through the week after work I've been able to finish up 8 more pages. So now my running total for the year is 323! I have less than 50 pages to make to meet my goal for the year. I'm quite sure I'll be doing that in the very near future as life will slow down soon for me here after Oct 21st! Anyway first layout is from A Cherry On Top's weekly challenge Sketch 22. I used my counterfeit kit for this layout as well. The others were using many swap pieces from IASST. Again BIG THANKS to all the Ladies who make that group so much fun to swap with!!


I mixed up my challenges this month for some extra crazy fun and this is what I got .... 

My SYAO37 made using my counterfeit kit from FTS ... and I have to say I love it ! The kit and the page came out pretty cute. Lot brighter sitting on my desk but oh well :)! You get the idea! 

I used a machine sewn photomat, 5+ pattern papers, brackets, a top 10 list and Kraft background paper! 
TFL! On for another week!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

One Month and One Day Scrapped!

Well my topic or title really means that in the last two days I've made 32 page layouts. Some were double pages but they still count as 32 pages! This is one month and one day in my goal of a page a day for the year 2012. I'm SOOOO HAPPY about how much I've accomplished this weekend. Many of the pics I scrapped were pics I've already had pulled with matching kits and or swap pieces so they went together quickly. When I have some days like this off I really want to just get as much done as I can. On weekend nights after work and when I have an hour to scrap I usually play with my newer papers and non sorted pics because I use the full hour to create a layout, well if I can :)!
But here were today's accomplished layouts. Sorry for the fuzzy pics on some I didn't realize how bad they were until I uploaded them but I'm not gonna redo them at this point. Time for bed!

This was one of my last pages of the night. I used some paper piecings I had made for my yahoo group and some paper from my stash. I also used the road washi tape .. love that stuff! Simple but fun layout :)!

This layout had a few elements on it from IASST. I believe the zoo kit was from a BoBunny swap and the borders were from Liana's Border Swap .. I have to say I didn't much care for these borders until I placed them on this page. The colors and accents were perfect!

This was a kit I picked up via piffing from Liana .. thank U!!

This next page was just something I threw together using various stuff from my "Family Folder" of stuff.

This was another premade page kit from IASST. I used just a few of the elements and will have enough left to do another page some day!

Again pieces from a page kit swap on IASST. I really loved these colors and items!

Thanks to Lisa L. for this premade layout for a swap on my yahoo group. I added a few more pics then the  sketch allowed for but it worked out great for me!

More page kit parts from IASST.

and more ...

and thank you to Mick P. for the first page of this double layout. She made the parts that went along with a sketch she chose on my yahoo group. I simply added the second page and filled it full with lots of fun pics!

Thanks ladies for all the work that went into my pages today! Total count as of 10-7-12 is 290 pages! WOHOOO!!

Even though it's now Sunday ..

These layouts are the last of my Saturday Scrappin' :)!

This was a mix of a page kit swap put together on Lisa L.'s group Swaps that Work and a few extras like the border I made. I didn't use all the elements for the swap because not many sand dollars in Lake Erie, lol, so I'll save them for our beach trips to the ocean :)!  So page 1 ,2 and 3 done!

I did a second layout of same subject for Mom's books. Again the borders were made by me and the title was a tag title swap on Lisa's group Swaps that Work. Love these!  

And last I made some pages for my daughters album of her and her lil brother @ the city pool. Lots of pictures so I kept it simple to squeeze them all on. I made the border/title Summer. And I added some various extras from my beach/pool stash!