Sunday, October 7, 2012

Even though it's now Sunday ..

These layouts are the last of my Saturday Scrappin' :)!

This was a mix of a page kit swap put together on Lisa L.'s group Swaps that Work and a few extras like the border I made. I didn't use all the elements for the swap because not many sand dollars in Lake Erie, lol, so I'll save them for our beach trips to the ocean :)!  So page 1 ,2 and 3 done!

I did a second layout of same subject for Mom's books. Again the borders were made by me and the title was a tag title swap on Lisa's group Swaps that Work. Love these!  

And last I made some pages for my daughters album of her and her lil brother @ the city pool. Lots of pictures so I kept it simple to squeeze them all on. I made the border/title Summer. And I added some various extras from my beach/pool stash!


  1. Love them! Great idea for the stacked tag titles!