Friday, February 1, 2013

Feb 1st! It's time to focus ..

on scrappin!

So I decided to sit out of CC's SYTYCS challenge as the requirements got to be a little too descriptive for my taste. I love and I do mean LOVE competition so this was a hard thing to just step out of knowing I had time to redo my layout for the challenge. But as in life I've learned there are some things it is ok to just say no to :)! Well this is one of those. I really want this year to be focused on completing pages and getting caught up. I do know this will never truly happen but I feel more confident about it happening if I don't have to spend a few hours searching for the certain amount of pics or pics that will work with a certain color scheme.  

I have a lot of places to still do challenges and so I will continue to do as many that work with my taste and my current projects! So there will be a few more pages added this weekend I'm sure as we kinda stick around home to avoid the cold Ohio winter we are  in. After last weekend's sledding event Tyler has been a little crabby with a cold so I think we will just be having a weekend of movies and snacks with warm blankies and hot cocoa! 

I just tallied last months layouts and completed 86 pages, and reaaaaaaaaaaally excited about that as my goal for the year is 500 and I'm almost 1/5 of the way there. Let's see what this weekend brings! 

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