Sunday, May 27, 2012

Some Swap Kits I've made :)

I recently started my own yahoo group ... small plug for it .. called "Pagekitsplus". It's a group for swaps and pifs of page kits or page kit pieces. Scrapbooking layouts goes so fast when you have a premade kit and all the embellies to go with. Well I'm absolutely addicted to this idea of quick and easy pages. Often times I spend more time doing a swap piece then I do a layout and when I get to that layout with the swap pieces I feel that they are much better than if I would have done it all on my own. You put more time and effort in the kits to make them fun w/o photos and when the photos are finally added, wow there is a difference!

Anyway here are some kits I made for my group. This swap called for 1 photomat, 1 title that went with the theme and 3 paper pieced items minimum. More could be added and in some instances I did!

Thanks for looking !


  1. So you made me an extra of the beach one...right??????? Love them all!

  2. While I don't use page kits myself - not my style of scrapping - I do love making them. Yours are great!