Monday, March 5, 2012

More page kit swaps = more completed layouts!

Again thanks to many people who had a hand in these swaps and made the entire page kits themselves, I was able to complete 21 pages this last week. Here they are! The two ALL BOY double lo's were page kits I HM for a group and made extra for me and just for these photo's. Thanks for looking!


  1. they all look great Annette...gotta love swap kits when you can use them and put pages together so fast and easy.

  2. Great job on using those swaps! I need to take more time to apply my pics to the items I've received, but instead I keep signing up for more swaps and having to work on them instead! Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Thanks Kim, I'm trying to balance it out. When I get swaps back I'm trying to immediately pair them with pics I have. If I don't have pics then I sort them and put them with matching papers/kits. And when I have free time after I do a few swaps I make a few pages. I too need to do MORE pages and less swaps but they are so fun!