Friday, March 11, 2011

Lots of PIFS and SWAPS !

... this last month my time has been spent being creative BUT .. in a fun different way. Piffing and Swapping! A PIF ( pay it forward ) is an item or items that I have that I pass on to another scrapper for their use and in turn will at some point receive a PIF from another scrapper or the same person I shared my goodies with. Swapping is a bit different. Five or Six or MORE ppl create one piece of a kit or a like item and send in as many items as there are swappers. Each swapper will then get back a different piece of the kit or items of various creative measures to use how they wish! Here are a few of my swaps and pifs from this last month! All of these items are Page kits either for pifs or swaps!

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