Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Goals for the New Year!

I've made the normal resolutions for the new year ... lose a little weight ok a LOT of weight, get those bills taken care of so I can work less and play more, and last but not least scrapbook! I really want to get my daughter's album caught up to current pictures. I started scrapbooking about half way through her life and well it's been a constant catch up! But I do believe I'm getting close! She is also trying to get caught up on some of her pictures, I haven't talked her into the full swing of scrapbooking yet but she does use the Making Memories Page protectors in which you can simply slip in your photo's in different pockets and then add a journal box or title box. Very cool and easy! So as she does 25 to my 1 page, I'm sure we will soon be caught up! LOL. Anyway for this year I've set a goal .. a pretty big goal, BUT I want to attain it. My goal for this year is 500 scrapbook type projects completed. This could be a swap, a lay out page, a card, a project, or anything else I come up with! As of today after having 3 days off in a row and making a clear statement that my main goal was to scrap! I've finished up 19 pages. So that makes it what a little less 5% of my goal? LOL. Maybe I should rethink this?!?!

Anywhoo good luck to all you resolution makers, let's hope that by the end of this year we will all be skinnier and more organized, wealthier and most important loved and happy!

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